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Ways to Preserve Family Memories Tags: video tapes

Most families have treasures, pictures, stories, and home movies scattered all over the place. Pictures are in boxes in the basement and drawers in the spare room. Interesting stories and adventures are told, but details get lost along the way. Eventually the event is forgotten altogether, and that is a shame.

Those baby footprints in clay are somewhere in the attic. That old yearbook may be in the back of the closet. The location of the painted plate the eldest presented as a Mother's Day gift forty years ago can only be speculated. Home movies may be in the basement, the attic, or even in the self-storage unit. There is not even a VHS player in the house anymore if anyone wanted to watch footage of the vacation to Greece taken ten years ago.

Do Not Allow That

There are simple ways to gather and preserve all those family memories. It will take time, organization, and help from all members of the household. Some of these projects will incur minor expenses, some will be overwhelming, and others will be completed just in time. Take them one at a time and spread them out so none will seem like drudgery.


The component that takes up much of the time spent on this project is gathering all the pictures. Have each family member take an area and dig out old pictures. The closets, junk drawers, storage space in the garage, the attic, and the basement will have to be explored.

Once pictures are all in one place, the only thing left to do is put them into photo albums. Organize and label albums as you go. This can be done in several ways. Group pictures by years, events, people, or locations.


Old stories from past generations and decades are valuable to the family. Accomplishments, hard times, adventures, and even details of misadventures have a great deal of information to impart. The attitudes, character, emotions, ingenuity, and cleverness of parents and grandparents are illustrated in those stories. Record those stories, write them down, or place them in a computer file so details will not be lost.

Home Movies

The best way to preserve these is to Convert Home Movies To DVD and also have them put onto a flash drive. The flash drive makes it easy to back up the images on an external hard drive or the cloud. They can be taken anywhere and shared on a laptop or tablet. These are cherished memories, so hire a professional instead of attempting to complete this as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project.


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